When it comes to input data on your Android device, then you need a most active and more functional keyboard with a big list of features on your Android powered smartphone’s smaller screen. Swype keyboard is one of the most rated and most loved third party apps available for Android devices which can help you input text in a more interactive way with a great accuracy.

Swype Keyboard’s free version is available to download on this page. You can download Swype APK (v1.8.7) at below provided download link, but before going through the download link of the app, you would love to know about some of the greatest features of this great Android app or the game.

Swype for Android, Swype APK ( v1.8.7.apk) Free Version Download for Android, Computer Mastia

Swype for Android – Features

The features are unlimited. Starting explaining the main features of the app, Swype Keyboard’s name “Swype” is enough to create an idea about this great app’s way of working; i.e. you can input text with a simple swipe! This feature of the makes data input the fastest and the easiest on your Android phone or the tablet.

Swype for Android, Swype APK ( v1.8.7.apk) Free Version Download for Android, ComputerMastia

A brief list of features provided by Swype Keyboard is given below: 
  • The easiest input of data
  • Emoji support for more than 8 languages
  • Emoji suggestion by looking over the entered words
  • Easily customize the way you input data on your Android device
  • Accessibility support
  • Personal dictionary – save the words of your local language and backup them in the cloud for free
  • Sync your personal dictionary across all Android devices where you are using Swype
  • Next word prediction makes the typing blazing fast
  • Additional 71 languages can be downloaded and installed for free
  • Super-optimization for tablets
  • Voice input support – dictate via your spoken words
  • Multiple themes to customize the layout of your Android device’s keyboard
  • Several short-cuts available for quick operations
  • and many many more features!
  • These and several other features are there in Swype Keyboard. So download the APK file of Swype Keyboard on your Android device and start typing in an innovative way. Here are the free download links of Swype APK.

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