Dreamweaver has become one of the industry's leading Web site design editing and management tool. This course is designed for students who wish to evaluate the Dreamweaver Web design tool or who would like to learn to use it. The emphasis is on learning to use Dreamweaver as a tool to create a Web site, rather than on learning the basic concepts of Web design and we move very quickly. However, all questions about basic Web design concepts will be answered.
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Important First Considerations:

If you are new to Dreamweaver it is important to understand the use of the term site. Dreamweaver makes reference to two sites:

1: Remote Site - This is the folder or directory which contains all of your web pages and other files on the web server. It is the place to which you upload. If you school does not yet have a web page the folder or directory will be empty. However, as soon as you are given a username and password by the site webmaster, you have a remote site - your empty folder or directory.

2: Local Folder - This is the folder or directory which contains all of your web pages and other files on your computer. Dreamweaver also refers to this folder as a site.

Plan your Local Site:

1: Your first step in using Dreamweaver to build your site is to create a directory or folder. Plan to store all documents related to your site in the same directory; images, web pages, and any other documents that will be posted on your remote site.

2: Before going any further, create a directory or folder on the computer you will be using most often to update your web site. Create a sub-directory for your images. Now you are ready to " define your site ."

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