What you will learn?

In this collection of lessons we will focus on creating billboard artwork in Photoshop. We will get started by taking a peek into the printing process and learning how to setup our document for this type of printing. Here we will also learn about final print resolution as well as specifics for our bleed area. From there, we will move into creating our artwork. Now throughout this process not only will we learn about several valuable tools and techniques in Photoshop, but we will also learn things like how to choose the most effective colors for our design as well as how large should our type be for maximum clarity. After completing this course, you will have all the knowledge you need to dive right in and begin creating effective artwork for this out of home medium.

Complete Billboard Free Tutorial in Urdu and Hindi, Bilboard Tutorial in urdu, Bilboard course, computermastia

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Complete Billboard Free Tutorial in Urdu and Hindi

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