Inpage (ان پیج )

What are the best features in Inpage?

There are several good tools in Inpage  which can be used to make attractive Urdu files. Text Boxes & Title boxes are two good tools in Inpage which can be used to add text and then export that text to Corel Draw, Photoshop & Ms Office. Table’s option is also nice because you can simply create table and make it a project. You can make a complete data sheet by using Table in Inpage . Adding pictures to Inpage file is also very easy. You can just create a rectangle and by right clicking you can add a picture from your PC to Inpage. There are many other beautiful tools in Inpage which you will learning with video tutorials below.

Inpage Compelet Free Tutorial in Urdu and Hindi, Inpag 2009, Inpage 2014-15, Computermastia

Is it a complete Course of  Inpage  in Urdu+Hindi?

Inpage is very simple and small application software, it was released in 2000 and still it is in the same shape, programmers didn’t try to improve it. Therefore  the video course being shared here is a complete solution for learning inpage in Urdu language. So you just need to follow the video tutorials and all you’ll learn it completely in your own Urdu language.

Inpage Introduction

Inpage Compelet Free Tutorial in Urdu and Hindi, Inpag 2009_Inpage 2015, Computermastia


Inpage Compelet Free Tutorial in Urdu and Hindi

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