SEO is one of the great topics people warmly search about now a days. I’m myself a keen lover of search engine optimization since 2009 when I started blogging for the first time. And thus, Today its the 5th year I’m in the field of search engine optimization. There are many things & aspects I learnt in previous 4 years about search Engine optimization, which I’ve been sharing with you time to time. I already shared a complete course of search Engine optimization in Urdu. I created that course back in 2012, many of you guys liked that and appreciated my efforts. But I have one very good habit that I always try to update myself with latest trends of each subject I know. Therefore, I decided to create a new fresh SEO course in Urdu for all of you guys. But actually this one is our premium (DVDs) course, which you’ll need to buy if you want to learn it with its advance and step by step components.

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However, I’m just sharing the 20% percent of this course with you guys for free on this page. And you will learn a lot from this course. Because this is updated and is described in a much better way this time. After watching this course if you liked it then you can consider buying it with all 92 video tutorials. So this way you’ll help us to keep this website updated for you with new tips and tutorials.

SEO New Updated Video Course in Urdu

As YouTube is still blocked in Pakistan, therefore, I’ve uploaded all of my videos to my own website, which is a video tutorials hub. Later on, I’ll upload these videos to YouTube too. Now here is the videos one by one you can watch, but I’ll provide you the links of some tutorials with order, because if we share all the videos on this page then it might over load.


 Complete SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Free Tutorial in Urdu & Hindi

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  1. Seo is one of good topic for study and its Urdu and English tutorial amazing thanks for share it english spell check online .