Hello everybody, to day I am going to start AutoCAD. This is an AutoCAD 2013 Video Tutorial in Urdu and Hindi. In this tutorial you will learn about AutoCAD means how to use AutoCAD and how to make drawing in this software application as well as we will learn from basic level to high level. In this tutorial we will make simple shape drawing as well as complex shape in AutoCAD tutorial and at the end of this we will make a house building project. These tutorials will help you in job like online project freelancing to make money online more about these tutorials you will learn AutoCAD 2D and 3D.
autocad tutorial in Urdu and Hindi

Complete Autocad 2013 Tutorial in Urdu & Hindi_computermastia

Basically this is software that is used for drawing and designing. Through this software application we can make 3D and 2D drawing and designing with easily and accurately measurement. The drawing make in this software are same to same size with original design shape. On this tool we are able that how our design shape will look after completion in original form. Through this software we can easily make or design a house map, Mechanical Instruments designing etc. we will learn almost architectural designing and drawing.

What is AutoCAD? 
The software that are used for 2D and 3D designing and drafting. This is a Computer Aided Design Software and developed by Autodesk Inc.

AutoCAD 2D Tutorial
 AutoCAD 2D mean the drawing or drafting in two dimensional. For example when we start a project in CAD first we use 2D to make a shape or map. So 2D is a basic for making maps etc. and after 2D we make 3D from 2D in CAD tutorials. Autocad tutorial in Urdu and hindi

AutoCAD 3D Tutorial
 CAD 3D mean drawing, designing and drafting in three dimensional. When you make a shape in 3D it would look like original form and in CAD 3D shapes are created through 2D. In these video you will learn two dimensional and three dimensional shapes making in CAD Tutorial.

These tutorials are totally are free and video format. If you want to read CAD tutorials in text then we will provide you CAD PDF files soon.

Free AutoCAD 2013 Download
How to download AutoCAD 2013 free. Below is the link, click on the link to download free CAD 2013 and more update CAD software.
Free Download AutoCAD

AutoCAD Commands 
There are many commands. We have discus all these commands on below video tutorials in Urdu and Hindi language. Just watch the Urdu Video and learn all the CAD command step by step easily. These AutoCAD Course contain all the basic commands.
Note: These are multiple video tutorials in Urdu. These are not only one video. So when one video is completed another video start automatically.
AutoCAD 2013 Tutorial in Urdu/ Hindi Videos

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 Complete Autocad 2013 Tutorial in Urdu & Hindi

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