Learn How to Edit Videos with Edius!

Edius, from Canopus Grass Valley is one of the most powerful software programs available today for video editing. With its unique proprietary codecs, it is able to deliver real time, interactive edit sessions where other systems stutter along or need to be rendered to play.  While some edit programs require you to convert your camera files into their codec before you edit, Edius will work with most video formats that you can throw at it. With a 30 day, free trial offer, you can take the program for a spin yourself and see how it works on your system. Whether you are video enthusiast looking for a good solution to edit your home videos, or a seasoned professional editor, you owe it to yourself to give Edius an audition.  You'll be glad you did!  Grab the free trial.

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You have installed the software, now what?

We have set up a variety of resources to get you rolling with Edius.  Get complete training on Edius 6, with step by step, video-based instruction.   By popular demand, we have kept the instruction for Edius Version 5 up on line, so if you are working with version five, look for materials on version 5.  When you have a question, try "Searching for Answers" using our search box, or checking the text article listings under "FAQ about Edius", or "Text Tutorials".   Many of the resources at this site are free and open to the general public.

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Complete Edius 5 Free Tutorial in Urdu & Hindi

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