Google Calendar APK v5.2 Download for Android – This great app from Google Inc. allows you to add a calendar widget to your Android devices which will help you get the most out of your day. Once installed on any Android powered smartphone or the tablet, Google Calendar ensures that you each and every minute is well managed and it isn’t wasted unnecessarily.
Some cool features of Google Calendar Android are listed below. At the end of the page, you can find the free download link of APK file too.

Google Calendar APK for Android, Computer Mastia

Google Calendar for Android
Time is money and if you manage to utilize your time productively, then it is almost guaranteed that you are going to be a very successful person. Most people across all countries of the world fail to manage their time and when time isn’t managed perfectly, then it is wasted either knowingly or unknowingly.
To help you manage your time perfectly, Google has developed this great app for its Android users and with the help of Google Calendar app, you can utilize your time productively. So to get managed, download Google Calendar (.apk) form below given download link, install it on your device and then start organizing your tasks and time the right way.
Google Calendar has been proved to save a good amount of time for Android users. With this great app, you can schedule tasks to do them on a regular basis. Their proper scheduling ensures that you spend the right moments of your day to get them completed.
Gmail events are synced with Google Calendar too. This syncing keeps you notifying that you have a particular upcoming event or any important event’s scheduled time is reaching ahead. All these features help you a lot in staying organized all the time to ensure that you do each task in its right time.

The latest version of Google Calendar (v5.2) has a great interface where your calendar is displayed in a clean layout. You have the easy to use controls to add new events to your calendar as well as you can easily manage the previous ones too.

The beauty of Google Calendar is its support for all other calendar apps and widgets on your Android phone or the tablet. For example if you are using Exchange or any other app, then it can be integrated with Google Calendar to produce the desired results.

What is New in v5.2:
  • More events at a glance
  • Month view options
  • Colors change upon changing between events
  • “Switch view” has been moved to the drawer

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