Samsung Keyboard (download .apk file below) is a great alternative to the default keyboard of any Android device as well as it is a super replacement for a lot of third-party famous keyboard apps like Swiftkey, Go Keyboard, Swype and several others. This keyboard is mostly used on Samsung smartphones and on Note 2 devices, Samsung Keyboard has been found working nicely.

Samsung Keyboard’s current version is v4.0 and you can get its APK file to install the app on your device. The direct download link of Samsung Keyboard APK is given below. If the current keyboard of your Samsung device needs an upgrade, then you will surely like to download and install Samsung Keyboard on your device.

samsung-keyboard, Samsung Keyboard APK (v4.0.apk) Download for Android, Computer Mastia

Samsung Keyboard Features

It is believed that Samsung Keyboard is built on the core technology of famous Android third party keyboard the Swype. By installing Samsung Keyboard on your Android powered smartphone or the tablet, you can enhance user input via the keyboard of your device.

One of the many features provided by Samsung Keyboard is handwriting capability of the app. With this app, you can input data in handwriting style using the S-Pen came with your phone. Moreover, the writing style and flexibility is almost the same as Swype provides.

Most Android users love to use Samsung Keyboard on their devices for its handwriting feature. This feature is really strong and the best (according to Samsung users) in Samsung Keyboard and none of any other Android keyboard apps provide such a flexible and accurate input via the handwriting style.

Yet another user friendly feature of Samsung Keyboard is the presence of numeric keys at the top of the keyboard. All other keyboard apps hide these number keys and you need to toggle between the numeric keyboard and the normal one. But with Samsung Keyboard, these keys are shown on the keyboard all the time, so you can input numeric data in an easier way.

So if you want to make the text typing on your Android phone or tablet more easier for you, then you can download Samsung Keyboard v4.0 APK below. Download the APK file, install the app on your device and enjoying a most flexible text input on your device on the go. Here is the free download link for the app.

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