HTML is a hyper text mark up language which is definitely used to create the basic structure of a website or web page. We’ve already shared a detailed HTML video training in Urdu on this blog. Actually our previous training of HTML was uploaded to YouTube and YT is not accessible in Pakistan these days and via this post I’ll be sharing those videos with you. So you can now easily learn HTML with more useful videos. This complete course is actually available in DVDs, which has more than 50 video tutorials including projects, but I just uploaded the 30% videos because to let you know the basics of HTML in a new way. And also I want you to learn something new. You can also take it an example before buying our complete Courses in DVDs.
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I uploaded these videos because of the Ban on YouTube, so you can now somehow learn HTML with these video tutorials.  I’ll give you some videos live here and the rest of the videos will be shared with you via links.

Learning HTML by watching video tutorials in Urdu

You must learn HTML if you want to become a web designer, learning HTML is the first step to become a web designer, it is the basic language of web designing and web development. And without having sufficient knowledge of it, you can not go ahead. Every new application or web project needs to be first structured in HTML. All other web languages are embedded into HTML documents. So in this course you’ll learn the basics of HTML and also some mostly used elements/tags of HTML. Now let’s watch the videos one by one to starting up:


 Complete HTML Free Tutorial in Urdu & Hindi

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