Retrica is a powerful camera app available for Android devices that will make your photos rocking by adding unlimited tweaks and effects to your captured photos. The app has more than 80 filters that are highly customizable to give you the photos you imagine. Just download and install the app on your device and take photos of you and your friends in an innovative style.

Retrica’s latest version at the time of this publish is v2.2.3 that has a lot of performance boosts as compared to its previous versions. The current version of the app has improved functionality that will intelligently boost the performance of your device’s camera on the go. With its predefined filters, you can customize and apply desired filters over images even before you take them.

Retrica v2.2.3 Latest APK File Free Download for Android_ Computer mastia

One interesting feature introduced in Retrica v2.2.3 is the silent second-shot scheduling. After the first shot, your friends will take their attention away by thinking that the camera has done its job. But the scheduled second shot will capture the natural, relaxed faces of your friends and family members suddenly and this adds great fun to your photography sessions.

The current version of the app has an improved focus on particular objects that has greatly improved the image quality in images captured by Retrica v2.2.3. By making unfocused regions blur, the app ensures that your device’s camera focuses on the desired object only to capture as maximum details as possible. You will surely love this feature as with the help of background blur feature, Retrica app will boost your phone’s camera performance several times over its original potential.

As we discussed above that Retrica v2.2.3 is loaded with 80 powerful filters. 55 of these filters are available in the free version of the app while to unlock the remaining 25 filters, you need to upgrade to its pro version. The upgrades are provided as in-app purchases and priced around $1.9 per item.

Retrica photography app requires Android 2.2 or up for its proper functionality. If your device’s OS meets the minimum requirement defined for Retrica v2.2.3, then you can heads over to the free download of its APK file at below provided download links. At first link, you will be able to download the full APK file of Retrica v2.2.3 for your Android Smartphone or tablet, while on second link, you can install the app from Google Play Store.

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