Feather Photo Editor by Aviary is one of the most powerful and most feature-rich photo editing tools for Android devices. The latest version of this photography app is v. 3.3.4 which has been empowered with a lot of features which have made the photo editing more convenient and flexible on Android devices. Although there is a powerful Android version of Photoshop from Adobe Inc., still many people love to see Photo Editor by Aviary in action on their Android devices due to its cool features and ease of use.
The app is free from its developer and you can install it for free from Google Play Store. If your Android device doesn’t have Google Play Store installed on it, then you can download the full APK (.apk) file for free from the alternate link. But before downloading Photo Editor by Aviary, first lets have a look over some new features which have been introduced in version 3.3.4.
Feather Photo Editor v.3.3.4 Full APK Free Download_ Computer Mastia

In version 3.3.4, you can remove the blemishes and imperfections from your photos with extreme ease using the “blemish tool” of the app. It helps you improve the quality of your images greatly. The blemish tool has been renewed and it is now more powerful. The older blemish tool is still there but now it has been transformed into the blur tool and you can still use it if you were feeling comfort with it previously.
Red-eye reduction feature of the photo editor is now much more powerful and you can enhance the quality of your photos by removing the red-eye effect effectively. Moreover, the overall performance of the app has been improved and several minor bugs have been fixed in the recent version.

So if you are a lover of photography and love to edit photos on your Android device, then “Feather Photo Editor by Aviary” will let you play with images with great ease and you will find it a great fun editing your images. If you haven’t downloaded this app yet, then you can get it for free at below provided links. Install it for free from Google Play Store or download the direct (full) APK file from the alternate download link.

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