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It can be very annoying when other users go through your personal files. If you are unable to convince them to stop accessing your data, you can resort to various solutions. One of them is provided by Alfa Folder Locker. Like the name suggests, the application will lock your folders, preventing anyone from viewing their contents. It is very simple and it allows you to lock any folders instantly.

Alfa Folder Locker works on all Windows platforms, from the old and dusty Windows 98 to the recently launched Windows 8. The setup file is only 2.30 MB and it takes only a few moments to install the application. You should also know that Alfa Folder Locker is free and it has no restrictions.

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There are two simple stages you need to go through in order to lock a folder. First, you need to select a folder, with a standard browsing option, then you must type and retype a new password. These actions are performed on separate pages and you can switch from one to another with Next and Back options, just like on a wizard's interface.

After selecting a folder and typing a password, you may click the Lock button. The application will close automatically and your selected folder will be locked. The folder's icon will be changed, so you will know which ones are locked. To unlock a folder, you must go through the same procedure. Just select a locked folder, type your password and click a button.

When you lock a folder, its contents will be hidden. You will not be able to see them, even if you set the system to show hidden files. The software will add a new option to the context menu as well. You can right click a folder, select the appropriate option and Alfa Folder Locker interface will appear on the screen. In this case, you just need to create a password. This feature can be enabled or disabled at any time, just by clicking a check box, on the software's interface.

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The software's interface is very simple and it takes only a few seconds to lock any folder on the hard drive. Alfa Folder Locker will add a new option to Windows Explorer's context menu, so you can lock your folders much faster. The application is free and you can install it very fast.

If you are concern about your privacy, you can use Alfa Folder Locker to instantly block access to any folder.

Features :

1- ‘Alfa Folder Locker‘ is a small free software to Lock any folder with password. The folder will be secured by the password against open, copy, move, and delete.

2- The locking process is so fast ” less that 1 sec ” and all data will be secured even if you check the show hidden files on your system.

3- You can protect any number of Folders by different passwords.

4- Even if you install new windows the folder will still be locked by your password.

5- The program has integrated context menu, so you can easily lock or unlock any folder by right click it

6- The program is easy to use and has a friendly user interface.

7- Operating System Supported : Microsoft Windows (98 , XP , 2003 , Vista , Seven , and Windows 8″

8- The setup is easy and the program can be used as a standalone by using the application file. you can free download Alfa Folder Locker 1.0 now.

9.  Alfa Folder Locker does not encrypt your data.

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