English to Urdu Machine Translation System On Your Desktop

Tomorrow all Pakistani nations will celebrate the 65th Independence Day. So at this happy occasion I want to post this useful English to Urdu Machine Translation software for you, hope you will like this. It is not only translator, but also you can use this useful software as Dictionary. It is a portable version and you can use without any installation. This English to Urdu Machine translation system translates English text into Urdu. You can use a generation grammar to generate the translated Urdu sentence. Simply enter an English sentence and press translate button. Translation of the sentence will appear in edit box. English-to-Urdu-Machine-Translation-System

English to Urdu Machine Translation System On Your Desktop, ComputerMastia

English to Urdu Machine Translation System On Your Desktop 1, ComputerMastia

Note: Please make sure that Urdu language support is installed on your PC. Full detail information about Urdu language support, read carefully TXT file included. Minimum system requirements are bellow:

Processor: 300MHz or above
Memory: 128MB RAM or more
Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows XP 2002 Service Pack 1 above
Language Settings: Urdu language must be installed
Font Settings: Unicode based open type font

DOWNLOAD English to Urdu Machine Translation System. Zip file size 13 MB and after extract 260 MB. If you like this article and found it useful then please recommend it or share it on Google Plus, Facebook or Twitter and comment below. Any Suggestions and Tips would be very useful for making this website more better.

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