With time, the Internet has increased the speed of the staggering increase in the SIZE of the FILES here. Documents images, movies and VIDEOS with songs have reached far beyond the size. Despite good internet speed file upload email or make it difficult to say, because of its size to be bigger. Often the image be sent to the SMALL size is not a problem then, but how to reduce their size does not know us. Therefore we send the photo in full size. Whether, it have to be so worried. If it’s a small thing but it can affect your Internet bandwidth.

To reduce the size of the images most people know but also to reduce the size of documents and videos, etc. is known to everyone. To optimize files of almost all formats only one program can be substantial, and this program is called” File Optimizer.‘
The highlight of this program is that you need to have the support of almost all formats. Songs, videos, photos and documents etc. It is well-known formats support.

Audio, video, photos and documents reduce the size of all files_fileoptimizer_description_computermastia

Note that this file is optimized, i.e. the weight is reduced. When talking about the image it says that the INFORMATION contained in the metadata, etc. I delete the extra pixels makes its weight. File Optimizer works affecting the quality of the file, nor does it reduce the size of the width or length, but also makes it possible light. This way for you to email the file or upload them becomes extremely easy.

 Its greatest asset is its all formats, such that for any file that you need a separate program. Must reduce the size of files that they add drag and drop, to optimize the optimization since it shows you the size of the file before and after optimization it is reduced in size. If you see the quality that they will almost always be the same.

Share videos and images via mobile phone before work may seek assistance from the program without affecting the quality of file sharing that makes it easier to lose weight. Also if you are a web developer to optimize your files through it they can make light of such web site loading takes less time. File Optimizer is available free of charge under open source software, the source code for developers gentlemen, this is the site for downloading.

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Documents, Audio, Video and photos Reduce the size of all files 
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Download Here

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