File management on small screens has always been a trouble for users and if you own an Android Smartphone or tablet, then you can make this task simpler by installing OI File Manager on your device. The tool is simple to use and you can manage your files with great ease after downloading and installing OI File Manager app. The app is free and you can download the APK file of OI File Manager v2.0.5 at the download link provided at bottom of this page.

Before going through the free download link of OI File Manager app, first let’s have a look over some cool features of the app which have made it the first choice of Android device owners.


It doesn’t matter either you have a few directories on your device or you have created a lot of directories on your device as well as on SD card, OI File Manager makes it a breeze browsing and managing the files and directories stored on your device. You aren’t allowed to browse and manage already created content only, but you can create, rename and modify new directories and files too.

When it comes to move your files from either SD card to phone memory or from device’s internal memory to SD card, OI File Manager does this job with great ease. You can link the file manager app with other file types, i.e. downloaded content and other files, to set default action for them. The app will popup and display a dialogue whenever you will attempt to open the concerned file. All this makes file management on your device extremely simple for you.
OI File Manager for Android v2.0.5 APK Free Download_ Computer Mastia

When we talk about the features of OI File Manager, here is a brief list:
  1. It lists all files stored either on your Android device’s internal memory or on its SD card
  2. It creates and manages directories on your device
  3. OI File Manager let’s you copy, move and delete files and folders with ease
  4. The app allows you to send files via email
  5. It acts as an extension, to be used with any other app on your device, and thus adds more functionality to concerned apps
  6. and many other great features!!
  7. If you have been using other file managers like ES File Explorer, Tomi File Manager, Astro, Total Commander or any other similar app but aren’t satisfied with their performance, then you can download and install OI File Manager for free to test its power. You can download the latest APK file of OI File Manager (that is v2.0.5 at the time we were writing this content) at below provided download link.

Download the APK file or follow the alternate link to install the app from Google Play Store. Both links are free, so choice is yours. Either download the APK or go through Google Play’s link to get OI File Manager on your Android device.

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