Mediafire, the biggest and clean cloud solution on the web, is the first choice of users who aim to store their files in cloud as a backup or need to share files with others. The cloud storage provides a very scalable storage solution, starting with a massive 50GB free cloud storage for all users.

Mediafire’s official Android app makes your life simple by bringing all core features of the cloud platform right on your Android device. A brief list of the app’s features are listed below.

Mediafire for Android_ Computer Mastia

Mediafire Android App Features 

Here is a brief list of Mediafire’s Android app. Please note that this list doesn’t cover all features brought by this great app. To read about complete list of the features, you can visit Mediafire’s official page here.

Automatic backups of your photos and video
  • Supports a wide range of Android powered brands including Google Nexus 5, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, LG G2, Samsung Galaxy S4 and many others
  • Upload your content easily from anywhere, anytime
  • 12GBs of free storage for storing your files in cloud
  • View documents online
  • Stream your stored videos and audio directly on your smartphone or tablet
  • Easily create folders, store files there and share them with others
  • Easily share your content via emails, SMS and on social networks like Twitter and others
  • Keep the secure backup of your all important data and restore it anywhere, anytime you need it

Whats New in Mediafire v2.7.0
  • Splash screen has been added during app loading
  • Image viewer orientation bug has been fixed

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