Blackmart Alpha is an app for Android phones and tablets which allows Android users to download free apps and games. These games include both paid and free ones. At Blackmart Alpha, apps and games are posted by Android users thus they aren’t tested for any possible malware or vulnerability. So installing apps and games from Blackmart Alpha network may put your device’s security in danger.

Apps and games available at Blackmart Alpha may contain malware and viruses. All apps posted at Blackmarket become available instantly. They aren’t moderated nor they are tested for security vulnerabilities. So if you are willing to download and install Blackmart Alpha on your device, then you should do it on your own risk and AndroidPot doesn’t take responsibility for any possible damage. Moreover, The platform may contain paid stuff, so before using in on your device, you must ensure that you aren’t going to download any paid stuff illegally and the app may be used for the testing purpose only.

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More About Blackmart Alpha
Blackmart Alpha is illegal in the sense that it distributes the paid apps and games as well along with the free ones. In addition, the app is risky to be used on Android devices. Although the app isn’t infected by any kind of malware or other dangerous script itself, but apps and games available at Blackmart may harm your device in several ways.

When we try to find out more details about Blackmart, we fail to find any good amount of data about it because the app doesn’t have official website. We really don’t know where their servers are located and we also don’t know who the owner of Blackmart Alpha is. All these things force us to think either we should use Blackmart Alpha on our devices or not.

Apart from the security risks in using Blackmart, there are some other bad things too which include the poor download speed of apps from Blackmart Alpha servers. You will get the worst download speeds even if you are on a fast network. It means that you can’t download large-sized games and apps from Blackmart Alpha easily and if you will need to download any such apps or games, then you will really need to wait for long enough before the app or game will be downloaded completely.

So if you are beware of all these security risks of Blackmart Alpha Android app and still want to download, install and use the app on your Android phone or the tablet, then you can get it at below given download links. The app is free so you can download it for free from these downloading links.

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