Hello, I deal with technical drawing and three-dimensional graphics. Working with AutoCAD for over 15 years, during which I went through various employment sectors. I started working as a draftsman in 1994 at a company that deals with the design and supply of complete furnishings, mainly for the UAE. I've learned to use CAD, migrating from the normal technical drawing by hand. I then had the opportunity to put into practice what I was learning, right on the job. I think this helped me to learn because I was forced to concentrate on functions that are strictly necessary for the implementation of technical projects that I was making, but mostly I had the opportunity to continue to practice and assimilate the commands that I was learning little by little, avoiding to forget it. This base of experience has allowed me the time to investigate the more advanced features of AutoCAD, up to learn three-dimensional modeling and then to 3D graphics.

Over the years I've had to explain to the use of CAD to each other and I realized that one problem for those beginning to work, it was the difficulty of remembering the basic commands and the resulting confusion and slowness in 'run. I then wanted to write a basic course in each serving the same process of learning commands and functions as it was taught to me, with the added advantage of staying at your disposal, so even if you can not remember any passage always going to review. You do not therefore propose to follow the classic lessons in the classroom along with many people, where is made a general, broad overview of the program, through the many functions that could threaten to forget quickly. It is also not a technical manual where they are classified as commands in alphabetical order without following a logical thread, but it is a proper guide by which step by step learn to draw with AutoCAD in two dimensions (2D) regardless of the version of the software!

This is a practical course where, with detailed instructions and pictures will guide you through the main functions of the 3D program, step by step , as if i ran with you, so quickly and with a little practice you can start to work with this powerful and flexible software.

Password: Computermastia.blogspot.com

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