Root Browser’s latest version (Download APK below) is v2.2.3. With the help of this great tool, you can browse the entire file system of your Android phone or the tablet. To use the power of this file browser, you must own a rooted Android device. If your phone or tablet isn’t already rooted, then first you need to root it. You can use any easy rooting solution like Kingo Android Root or any other similar tool for this purpose.

Root Browser is developed by JRummy Apps Inc. and this developer is known for developing several other useful tools for advance operations on Android devices. Some of the greatest and powerful features provided by Root Browser Android app are listed below.

Root Browser for Android, Download Root Browser v2.2.3 APK Download for Android , Computer Mastia


The app is free and it allows you to dig deeper into the file system of your phone or tablet. Please be aware that Root Browser works on rooted phones and tablets only. So if you are an Android user with root access to your phone or tablet’s file system, then this app is for you.

Root Browser works as a simple file explorer as well as it allows your to execute several advance operations over your device on the go. With the help of Root Browser, you can view, edit, rename, move, copy or delete files. You can compress or decompress files too. In addition, the app lets you to change the permissions for particular files, apps and games as well as you can change the ownership of certain content on your device.

Root Browser for Android, Download Root Browser v2.2.3 APK Download for Android , ComputerMastia

Scripts can be executed too with the help of Root Browser Android app. Simple file managers don’t allow you to execute scripts for advance operations, but this app brings that capability in your hands, so you can modify the file system and the file permissions of your device by digging deeper into the roots of your device.

All other common file management operations are also available in this app. So Root Browser can bring multiple functions in a single package right on your Android device to allow you change the core settings of your device’s file system.

Are you ready to download this app now? Here are the free download links where you can download Root Browser APK for Android or the app can be downloaded and installed from Android Market. Both sources are free.

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