QuickPic is a great alternative to your Android device’s default photo viewer. This app brings a nice album for you on your device where you can view and manage your all photos in a unique way. QuickPic is where free, it is priceless too as there aren’t any similar apps of this quality which you would prefer to use as the default photo album on your Android smartphone or tablet. (Download QuickPic APK below)
QuickPic is a lightweight app which comes in only 1 mega bytes of size. This app doesn’t put any pressure on your mobile or tablet’s memory and processing power and thus it brings a swift and quick-loading album with several decent looking effects, themes and features.
QuickPic APK v4.2 Download Free for Android_ Computer Mastia

QuickPic Cover
The app where lets you manage the photos stored on your Android phone or tablet’s SD card, it supports the online photo storing services too. You can easily view the photos stored on the local storage of your device or you can view the photos in your online albums like Picasa, Dropbox, Flickr and many more.
QuickPic ensures that the beautiful memories with your loved ones in form of images are secure and safe always. To make your memories the safest, it allows you to backup and store your photos to online cloud services. This online and remote backup feature of the app ensures that you never loss the memories even after an unlucky incident.
The app has several inbuilt themes and colors. You have the option to customize the look and feel of your photo album the way your like. These customization options allow you to build a screen that your eyes love and feel comfort with.

QuickPic APK v4.2 Download Free for Android_ ComputerMastia
QuickPic app has the features to sort and manage photos in groups based on different criteria. You can group the photos based on the time taken, location and on the basis of several other criteria. Moreover, the built-in slideshows of photos in the app enable a great view of photos on the go.
Privacy of private content has been a great issue on portable devices. This app lets you to password protect the photos that you don’t want to be viewed by others. In addition, this app lets you to vie wthe GIFs as well as video content too.
Photo editing tools like Adobe Photoshop have been used by Android users for a long time to edit and tweak photos. Once downloaded and installed, QuickPic eliminates the need of any other photo editing tool as you can edit photos flexibly from within the interface of QuickPic.
Yet another amazing feature of QuickPic is its ability to act as a file manager for managing images. You can rename, delete or move photos between folders. Moreover, this app has the ability to transfer the photos to any other devices over WiFi too.

We would like to stop talking about this amazing app here, but we would like to declare that this list doesn’t describe all features brought by QuickPic. Let’s proceed to free download of the app (.apk).

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