Without opening the system RAM and RAM slots, please check the Support
Laptop and computer have more than one RAM slot. When necessary, the physical memory (RAM), expandable with ease. Increasing RAM can improve system performance. RAM to buy it before you see it requires the additional RAM to the motherboard slot is present or not. Moreover, it is also important to know how much RAM your system is supported. If the system RAM is fixed in the presence of the additional slot is meaningless.

I see the empty slot, remove the back cover of the system is required. If you are using a laptop, it certainly will not take the risk of opening. After opening the laptop is not an easy task. To view the RAM Slots ‘krusl System Scanner’ use.

ram check_hp-chromebox-ram-upgrade-13-Computermastia
This is actually a system hardware scanner tool. Giving details of all the hardware in the system and how the system hardware support can be upgraded. Download it and run it to scan your system for a few seconds will show the full report in the browser upgrade things that can be done. Parts of RAM you can see how many slots are available in the system, and how much RAM is in progress can be made more.

Crucial-System-Scanner_Without opening the system RAM and RAM slots, please check the Support_computermastia

Without opening the system RAM and RAM slots, please check the Support
System hardware upgrade for the best tool that you should have. Whenever you need to upgrade hardware to the system through this tool must first check.
It is not necessary to download this tool, you do not upgrade the system can also learn the details of the model that there is much more to upgrade.

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