TeraCopy Portable is a tool that gives user great utilities to accelerate data copying speed. In particular, TeraCopy Portable allows you to copy data with the highest speed to save time without affecting system’s efficiency. If you often work with computer and sometimes you meet difficulty in copying files containing large data, since hard drive has to work hard which affects the efficiency of the system. Therefore, to copy large data is indeed difficult, it can make your computer crashed or lagged. TeraCopy Portable will be a great solution for you at this time.
Teracopy Portable_Computermastia

Portable TeraCopy can speed up copying data and helps you easily copy large data quickly. Moreover, copying large data can make your computer crashed or corrupt data. And TeraCopy Portable will detect corrupted files and allow you to temporarily stop copying and continue to copy instead of copying the whole data. This is the great and useful feature of TeraCopy Portable for users.
Besides, TeraCopy Portable is designed with a visual and easy to use interface for all users. It also integrates lots of features such as notification of capacity, status of copying file, overwriting and renaming duplicate files.

Teracopy Portable-Computermastia

Main features of TeraCopy Portable:
- Copy large files quickly.
- Speed up copying data.
- Reduce the speed when copying data if your computer is suspended.
- Integrate other features: pause and resume the copying, self-adjust errors in the copying process, display the actual copying speed, ect.
- Have a visual and easy to use interface for all users.
- Compatible with almost all operating systems.

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