Smart phones have many PROGRAMS to control the computer, but it’s hard to complete Mobizen. Because it will help your desktop appears on the phone completely it can use your mouse just like the phone I’m using my hand. The highlights of this phone CONNECT it to the USB cable, Wi-Fi and PTA / LTE INTERNET can use the three methods.

Moby saddle configuration is a little focus but not complicated at all. First go to this website and take Store link to INSTALL the APPLICATION:
How To Control Your Android Using Your Computer_computermastia_Mobizen

After installing the application you will be able to account, just like your email address and password is typed.
How To Control Your Android Using Your Computer_computermastia

If the application is INSTALLED on the phone’s settings you can choose your preferred connection to the phone which you would like to connect to the source.

How To Control Your Android Using Your Computer 1_computermastia

Fully CONTROL the phone from the PC to the phone in developer mode and USB D bgng mode is enabled. If you do not enable this option Moby Zen will guide you and will be on options.

Then you download and INSTALL the desktop PROGRAM will have a size of 35 MB. The desktop version can be downloaded from the website.

The first time you install and run it from your website and then it will download a few more updates. After the update is complete, the program will login SCREEN in front of you. Phone e-mail ADDRESS and password you have selected the TYPE. Soon you will be in front of you on the phone desktop.
How To Control Your Android Using Your Computer 2_computermastia

Now you can use your mouse as a finger to touch. IPhone VIDEOS / photos can be seen on the computer screen.

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