Often download shareware and trial we need for specific purposes, open them again after some time and discover our regret that the trial period (trial) has expired. There are two solutions: to buy a license for the program (it's always good to support the software that works well) or use Time Stopper. How does Time Stopper? The program is based on the freezing of the time: set a date earlier than the expiry of the trial software and maintains thereby misleading the program itself. Time Stopper does not affect at all the time and date of the system leaving everything unchanged. Its use is quite simple. Run the program and through the window browser look for the .exe file of the trial program to 'fool'.




Once selected the .exe program will be presented with the window for selecting the date


Suppose our software expires on August 10, just select a date prior to August 10 (the date chosen will remain unchanged at each reopening of the software) Choosing the date the program will prompt you to save a shortcut on the desktop with which to open the program 'deceived'


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